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27 November 2018
Introduction If you are planning on visiting Krakow you are probably thinking of Auschwitz – Birkenau Museum as your main place to see. No wonder why – it is one of the most important mementos of II WW. This article
06 November 2018
Branch of the Wawel Royal Castle The medieval Małopolska was first and foremost the capital district and the residence of kinghood. This factor was conducive to the construction of many castles, royal mansions, trade router watchtowers in the area. The
25 October 2018
The branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow. Is located in the post-industrial Zabłocie district of Krakow, at the administrative building of the former factory of enamelled vessels know as Oscar Schindler Deutsche Emailwarenfabrik. Factory tells the
07 August 2018
Find recommendations and ideas on the best day trips from Krakow.  So we've compiled the top 5 best tours in Krakow for you to enjoy while on your visit. The best tours, day trips on Krakow. 1. Auschwitz- Birkenau tour
28 June 2018
Today, the city is known to be Poland's first tourist destination. It is often the case that a tourist has no enough time to see a place that is worth to visit. This is just what we want to recommend
22 June 2018
According to the legend... Long ago in a cave at the bottom of Wawel Hill, there once lived a terrible dragon. This dragon did whatever he wanted to. Every week the dragon appeared and stole of cow. The king wanted

Krakow trip advice

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