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08 May 2019

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Learn more about Rafting on Dunajec River day trip from Krakow

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Dunajec river rafting trip

The church was made of fir and larch wood without the use of nails. The building is oriented toward the east, has one nave and the shingled steep roof. 

It is also one out of eight wooden churches in Małopolska inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (2003). According to the legend, the church was erected by brigands after St. Michael appeared to them on an oak tree.


The trip starts at the rafting stand in Kąty. Within 2.5 hours the raft covers an 18 km route to Szczawnica following across the Pieniny Mountains, the Dunajec meanders widely through the deep valley whose sides reach 300m in height. Magnificent landscapes created by the water cutting through the rocky walls
You can admire it during a rafting trip with the experienced mountain raftsmen, who adroitly slip their wooden rafts. 


river rafting tour

Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Dębno

On the opposite edge of the lake, it is worth visiting the local Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Dębno, surrounded by a circle of old trees. 
The origins of the small church in Dębno date back to the 15th century. It is a masterpiece by carpenter craftsmen. Located approx 90 km from Kraków. One of the oldest wooden churches in Poland.

Dunajec river rafting trip

A weekend trip around...

Rafting on Dunajec- The Polish Associations of Pieniny Rafters


You can take a trip along with the picturesque Pieniny Mountain range.

Pieniński National Park was established in 1932, is one of the oldest national park in Poland. With the featuring the impressive rocky peaks of Three Crowns (the park's symbol and the highest peak in the Pieniny proper) and the unique Dunajec River Gorge meandering amidst the limestone rocks of the Pieniny Mountains.



At the foot of Pieniny stretches the picturesque Czorsztyńskie Lake.

On the southern side of the lake, you can see towers the Castle in Niedzica.

The building was used as a watchtower over the Polish- Hungarian border that used to run here.  Opposite Niedzica, on the steep hill, you can see the Ruins of the Castle in Czorsztyn. The stone fortress was built in the 14th century on the site of former strongholds.  Today, adapted for sightseeing, it constitutes a perfect vantage point. In some of the reconstructed rooms house a small historic- archaeological exhibition. 

Rafting across the Dunajec Gorge through the Pieniny Mountains