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Auschwitz- Birkenau tour with private transfer

See Auschwitz- the biggest Nazi Extermination Camp and learn about the Holocaust.

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Krakow airport transfer

Let us pick up from the airport and take you straight to your destination.


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Wieliczka, Salt Mine tour

It is a world class monument, featuring among twelve objects on the UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.


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What can you see in Ojcow National Park?


  • King Łokietek Cave

The largest cave in Park. The total length of the corridors and chambers is about 320m. The cave is associated with the legend of King Władysław Łokietek.

  • Ruins of the medieval castle in Ojcow

The ruins of the Ojców Castle erected in the 14th century: Gothic gate, octagonal tower.

  • The Chapel on the water

The chapel was constructed directly above the waters on the Prądnik River. Chapel of St. Joseph the Craftsman built in 1901 from converted spa baths.  The setting up of the chapel on water is traditionally linked to an edict of Tsar Nicholas II forbidding the building of sacred buildings on Ojców land – hence the cunning ploy of the residents in placing it “on water”. The interior contains three altars shaped like the gable walls of peasant dwellings.

  • Pieskowa Skała (Pieskowa Rock)- The Fortified Castle

Pieskowa Skała Castle called a "Pearl of the Polish Renaissance". The fortified building was erected in the 14th century by Casimir the Great as part of a defensive chain of castles known as the Eagles' Nests. The castle is located on a cliff above the Pradnik River. Nowadays, this restored pearl of the Polish Renaissance houses a branch of the Wawel State Art Collection. 

  • The Club of Hercules

In the northern part of the park, you will find the famous rock called the Mace of Hercules. It is the most well-known Jurassic limestone rock.

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Ojców National Park & Pieskowa Skała Castle


The tour description:

  • Pick up from your hotel, private transfer to Ojców.

From Krakow to Ojców is about 40 minutes.

  • In Ojców NP you can visit: King Łokietek Cave, ruins of the medieval castle in Ojców, the Chapel on the water, Pieskowa Skała Castle.

As the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Ojcow used to be a famous health and holiday resort.
Ojcowski National Park was established in 1956. It takes its name from the village of Ojcow. It is Poland's smallest national park. The park is very famous for its numerous caves (approx 400).

Ojców National Park is characterized by deep valleys, steep hillsides and a variety of rock formations.
The symbol of the Park is a bat in flight. Out of the 21 bat species living in Poland, 17 may be found in the Ojcow National Park.
In the park, you can find a lot of charming places there located far from the bustle of city life.

  • Transfer back to Krakow.

  • Drop off at the hotel or anywhere else in the old town of Krakow.



What's included:

  • hotel pick up;

  • transfer by a comfortable car just for yourselves;

  • English-speaking driver;

  • in car Wi-Fi internet access;

  • the total cost of transport;

  • our assistance;

  • drop off at the hotel or anywhere else in the old town of Krakow.

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