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04 February 2019

5. Wadowice-home town of John Paul II


Karol Wojtyła was born on 18th May 1920 in an apartment building in 7 Kościelna Street, Wadowice. Today the building features a Family Home Museum of John Paul II.  The exhibition tells the story of John Paul II's life. 


A trip in the footsteps of John Paul II

4. Rafting trip


The trip starts at the rafting stand in Kąty. Within 2.5 hours the raft covers an 18 km route to Szczawnica following across the Pieniny Mountains, the Dunajec meanders widely through the deep valley whose sides reach 300m in height. Magnificent landscapes created by the water cutting through the rocky walls you can admire it during a rafting trip with the experienced mountain raftsmen, who adroitly slip their wooden rafts. 


Rafting on Dunajec River- day trip

3. Zakopane and Tatra Mountain tour


Zakopane is the highland capital of Poland. The town is located in the shadow of the Tatra Mountain. Worth visiting in the area are Museum of the Zakopane Style, Krupówki- the most famous street in Poland, Tatra Museum, Cemetery in Pęksowy Brzyzek.


Zakopane & Tatra Mountain tour

2. Salt Mine tour


About 20 million years ago, Krakow and the surrounding area lay at the bottom of the salty sea.  Big salt deposits left to our time. Underground extraction began in nearby Bochnia in 1252 and was established on an industrial scale in Wieliczka by the 1280s.  For centuries it was the source of the country’s wealth and the material foundation of its culture. 

In 1964 the extraction of rock salt was halted in Wieliczka and in 1996 exploitation of the salt deposit was stopped altogether. 

The mine has been well preserved and is today used for historical, medicinal and tourist. Today it is the most popular Polish tourist attraction. 


Wieliczka, Salt Mine tour with private transfer

Find recommendations and ideas on the best day trips from Krakow. 

So we've compiled the top 5 best tours in Krakow for you to enjoy while on your visit.

The best tours, day trips on Krakow.


1. Auschwitz- Birkenau tour 


Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of German Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps built and operated by the Third Reich in Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany during World War II. It consisted of Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II–Birkenau, Auschwitz III–Monowitz and 45 satellite camps.

From early 1942 until late 1944, transport trains delivered Jews to the camp's gas chambers from all over German-occupied Europe, where they were killed with the pesticide ZyklonB. At least 1.1million prisoners died at Auschwitz.

The Auschwitz Museum and Memorial are more than the extensive grounds and the original camp blocks, barracks. It is also tens of thousands of items (personal objects) possessing special and symbolic meaning. 

Auschwitz has become a world symbol of war, terror, genocide and the Holocaust


5 best day tours from Krakow